golden monstera is a jewelry brand founded by Daniel and Jenn, a couple of paradise seekers, who fell in love and have travelled the world in search of adventures which led them to Siargao, an island paradise south of the Philippines where they are permanently based


The Story Behind the "Monstera"

A simple hobby evolved into a passion after some jewelry making courses during travel, and it wasn't long before they came up with their first handmade collection: one of which was the Monstera earrings, inspired by a plant which reminds them of their roots, which later on became the name and face of their brand.

Upon moving to the island, they slowly built a home that doubles as their studio. Aside from the Monstera earrings, it wasn't long until their wave ring became an iconic accessory because of its simplicity, and the world famous waves in Siargao that surfers and tourists can't get enough of.

But why Siargao?

Daniel and Jenn like to feel in tune with nature, especially the ocean where they feel most free. Work to them is mediation and close to nature, inspiration flows naturally. They are fully committed to a conscious and sustainable way of making jewelry, to support fellow local businesses and to make sure to keep the environmental impact to a minimum, creating classy yet affordable accessories made with their shared love for nature, travel, and each other.